Conservation Commission

Board Members

  • Marnie Cobbs, Chair
  • Paul Nuccio, Vice Chair
  • Robin Nuccio, Treasurer
  • Holly Fortin
  • Tom Head
  • Selectmen’s Representative Richard Fortin
  • Richard Brisbois, Alternate
  • Judith Fowler, Alternate


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Eaton Natural Resource Inventory

To view maps depicting Eaton’s Natural Resources, click the link below:

Eaton Natural Resource Inventory (


Wetlands Conservation Conversation

 Thursday, February 29, 6:30 – 8:00 PM at Eaton Town Hall

Wetlands trap sediment; promote groundwater infiltration; protect surface and groundwater from degradation; and reduce downstream flooding, erosion, and property damage. These services are critical as we experience more severe storms in a changing climate. Wetlands also provide important wildlife habitat and are a scenic asset of the town. 

Come participate in a discussion about wetlands, how they are identified, ways to protect them, and resources such as the National Wetlands Inventory and the NH State Wildlife Action Plan. The program will be presented by Dan Coons, a natural resource scientist based in Wolfeboro.

This is the continuation of a series of presentations sponsored by the Eaton Conservation Commission with topics including surface waters, forestry, wildlife, stone walls, and Eaton’s Natural Resource Inventory. For more information contact Dennis Sullivan at [email protected].